Remote Command manager 2.5

Remote Command manager 2.5



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Date Added:30 April, 2013

Author: QwertyLab

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RemoteCommand manager is a GUI-based tool that enables you to perform common system administration tasks by executing remote commands on other PCs. Tool has a fast and easy to use interface that supports saving a profiles and command presets. No need to use any console tools. All commands may be run in multithreaded mode. It allows you to execute various actions on remote machines such as: - Execute processes and interactive applications; - Run scripts and batch files; - Install and uninstall software (.msi , .exe packages); - Deploy Service packs and hotfixes; - Distribute registry changes; - And more... Supports versions of Windows 2000 and above, including Server 2003-2008; Does not require to install client part on the remote PCs.
Requirements: Windows 2000

Systems: WinXP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows2003

Tags: remote execute   Cmd   Remote Installer   msi   remote Registry   command line  

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